business software translation

Business Software Translation Service in Dubai, UAE

Business software applications play a key role in increasing and maintaining productivity, as well as ensuring the accurate performance of business functions like accounting, billing, marketing and customer support.

Translation of business applications, include:

            • Accounting Software
            • Automated Billing Systems
            • Banking and Financial Software
            • Business Intelligence (BI)
            • Call Center and Customer Support Systems
            • Content Management Systems
            • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
            • Document Automation and Management
            • Electronic Data Processing
            • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
            • HR Management
            • Inventory Software
            • Legal Matter Management
            • Management Information Systems
            • Product Lifecycle Management
            • Project Management Software
            • Supply Chain Management
            • Production Support
            • Workflow Management

Our professional staff offers superior expertise in more than 40 languages, including English, Russian, Farsi, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, French, Spanish, and German; plus all other major languages used by Oriental cultures, European cultures, and prominent countries throughout the world.

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