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Multilingual Content Management Services in Dubai, UAE

Whether you generate international content yourself, have DarLukman create it for you, or use both strategies, we offer two levels of content management to give you complete, secure control over all your document management. These solutions enable easy collaboration between partners anywhere in the world where Internet access is available, ensure standardization of your messaging, and allow quick access to needed documents to any authorized user. Best of all both solutions are easy to use, even by those with a minimum of technical expertise. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) offers large organizations the ability to manage the complete life cycle of information, from its initial creation through archival and disposal. This solution features solutions for document management, Web content management, search, collaboration, records management, digital asset management (DAM), workflow management, capture and scanning. We also offer stand-alone Web Content Management (WCM), which enables users to directly control a dynamic collection of web material, including HTML documents, images, and other forms of media. This system includes robust access control, the ability to edit content easily, workflow and collaboration management, and the ability to display content in multiple languages.

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