documentation translation

Corporate Document Translation Services in Dubai, UAE

From product specifications to process documents, DarLukman is committed to the accuracy of any documentation we convert for other languages and cultural audiences. We strive to ensure not only precise translation, but intuitive comprehension by your target readers.

Our Documentation Translation Team specializes in the translation and localization of:

  • User Guides
  • White Papers
  • Online Help
  • Quick-Reference Guides
  • Procedures
  • Indexes

Our professional staff offers superior expertise in more than 40 languages, including English, Russian, Farsi, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, French, Spanish, and German; plus all other major languages used by Oriental cultures, European cultures, and prominent countries throughout the world. No matter what industry or field your organization specializes in, we have a highly-qualified translator with a matching skill set ready to serve you.

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