Our Services

The Middle East’s Premier Translation Company

Does your organization need to transcend language barriers? DarLukman provides high-quality translation, interpretation, and other language services at an unrivaled value to a global community of businesses, government entities, and educational institutions. Our professional staff offers superior expertise in more than 40 languages, including English, Russian, Farsi, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, French, Spanish, and German; plus all other major languages used by Oriental cultures, European cultures, and prominent countries throughout the world.

Eliminating Barriers to Communication, Worldwide

Headquartered in Dubai, the epicenter of globalization and economic growth, DarLukman’s staff works regularly with a cosmopolitan mix of clients from European, Asian, American, and African cultures. With cross-border communication an integral part of our daily environment, no company is better poised to deliver the language tools your company or organization needs to dissolve communication barriers and reach out to an international audience.

Fast, Accurate, and Cost-Effective Translation Service

Whether you’re a multinational corporation, an entrepreneurial startup, a government agency, or an educational institution, you’ll get expert language services at highly competitive rates. Our goal is to make your unique vision clear and compelling in any language, even if you require specialized expertise, literary flair, or a customized approach to presenting your image. We’ll make your needs and goals our own, integrating them into every service we provide.

More Than Just Translation

At DarLukman, we understand that basic word-for-word translations aren’t enough. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build a strong, experienced team with training that goes beyond translation.

Each individual who works with your message has two kinds of expertise: an in-depth background in linguistics and deep category experience in your industry or specialization. This combination ensures results that retain the full meaning and accuracy of your original message—not just literal renderings that sound awkward or unnatural to a native speaker.