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In our interconnected and globalized world, the exchange of information and ideas is crucial for your organization to advance and prosper. Whether you run a business, a hospital, a law firm, a government agency, or an educational institution, your growth and success can often be hindered by the inability to communicate information and ideas in a foreign language with the same level of sophistication and accuracy as you can in your native language. DarLukman’s team of highly-skilled translators has the cultural erudition, specialized knowledge, and experience to communicate your ideas to a foreign audience, retaining all of the nuances, technical accuracy, and polish of your information. Each member of our hand-picked premier team of translators is fully accredited, with a minimum of five years of relevant background experience. They are chosen for extensive proficiency, and have the ability to handle a wide variety of requests from organizations of all shapes and sizes—anything from short translation assignments to large multilingual projects. Every project received by our translators is performed with impeccable accuracy and efficiency, paying close attention to the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the original text. In addition to their linguistic expertise, our translators have professional training in a variety of specialized fields, including Technical and Industrial Translation, Marketing and Advertising Translation, Medical Translation, Legal Translation, Literary Translation, and Website Translation. Need language support that goes beyond translation? Our team of interpreters, specializing in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, offer you an additional resource for broadening the reach of your ideas and information. Our technical team provides the support necessary to maximize your efficiency and turnaround time. Finally, our editing and proofreading team guarantee that the final product is the best it can be—ensuring that your message will impact your intended audience with the same force as it did in the native language.

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