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If you’re seeking an international audience with a monolingual website, you can be certain you’re reaching only a fraction of your potential market. We’ve seen the performance of many websites increase dramatically once they’ve been translated, localized, and managed by professional linguists able to bridge both cultural and linguistic differences. DarLukman’s base in Dubai—the premier international financial center and globalization hub—places it front and center in the laboratory of innovative global networking and communication strategies. Dubai’s vibrant multicultural environment has taught us to become specialists in using language as a tool to communicate globally across borders, and to embrace the process of incessant development and innovation.

a poor or artificial-sounding translation can harm your site’s perception

Google Guidelines : Our professional translation staff offers superior expertise in more than 40 languages, including English, Russian, Farsi, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, French, Spanish, and German; plus all other major languages used by Oriental cultures, European cultures, and prominent countries throughout the world.

Best Practices for Multilingual Websites

First, make sure that the page language looks obvious. Google will only use visible content on your page when looking at the language. They do not use code-level language for information, which can put programmers outside the loop. To help Google determine languages, avoid side-by-side translation because these will often prove inaccurate. Because of the differences in language, you will pronounce words and express yourself differently through the varied languages. Thinking about a boilerplate? If you only translate the boilerplate text in your pages and you keep the bulk of your content inside a single language, you can create a bad user experience that harms your reputation. Even if it has been ranked well with Google, your potential customers will lose interest when the same content appears multiple times through varying boilerplate languages.

Country Specific Scripts

What some people may not realize is that languages do not have a direction. For example, you can write Azeri or the language of Azerbaijan in Cyrillic or Latin scripts. You can also write it with an Arabic script, which will be written from right to left. With this type of content, you can specify text direction using the code, “dir=”rt1,” which is an attribute and all of the well-known browsers will support it. Before you jump into a multilingual website, you should first do your research and understand the differing ethical views. Different countries will view humor, symbolism and sexuality differently. You do not want to overlook this when translating a site because it could prove a disaster for your business. DarLukman translation services offers a practical view of translation. They can help you to target your business message, and they will offer you practical advice that serves your business.

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